Bets on bicycle races can be profitably carried out through the highest possible quotes in terms of odds. The priority of such bets is explained by the fact that cycling is a popular and fairly widespread sport, and therefore most sports analysts are very well versed in the rules of cycling and can simply and easily make a winning prediction for winning road and track cycling races. And therefore, you can profitably conduct a bet through a deep list and the highest possible odds.

The betting line in this sport covers a large number of national and international competitions in circuit and road cycling. Bets are accepted on a short-term basis on all types of cycling races, which are held at the largest velodromes in the world, and they will be most profitable, because they allow the analyst to bet frequently and win a lot. Now, we present to you a list of the most successful teams of the previous decade.

Boels – Dolmans Pro Cycling
A professional women’s team from the Netherlands participating in elite highway races (e.g. UCI Women World Tours). From 2016 to 2018, it was especially unattainable for competitors: the representatives on the pelotons just tore and threw, winning the most important competitions in the world. It is not surprising, because at that time all the brightest talents of the planet were in the composition of the Boels – Dolmans: from Lizzie Deigan and Megan Garnier to Anna van der Breggen and Hantal Blac. Girls, bravo!

Rabo Liv Women Cycling Team
Another professional women’s cycling club, this time Dutch. Sponsored by Rabobank. By the way: due to doping scandals in 2012, Rabobank abandoned the men’s club, and the girls decided to make up for the loss with their victories. The main star of Rabo Liv is Marianne Vos, Dutch cyclist, leader of modern women’s cycling, Olympic champion on the highway and track, reigning world champion in group race and cyclocross. But her colleagues in the workshop deserve no less attention: high-class racers Annemieck Van Fleuten, Pauline Ferrand-Prevost and Lucinda Brand.
The loud appearance of competitors (Boels – Dolmans), the departure of several key members from Rabo Liv and the streak of failures of Marianna Vos caused some wakening of the team in the road arena. But as of the final 2019 / start 2020, the team is still in the list of one of the best.

Perfectly coordinated HTC club working like a watch. Mark Cavendish himself was part of it. The years 2010 and 2011 were especially striking: 120 victories. And then the sudden news of the termination of existence. We could not find a new sponsor.
The women’s team then did not pass the rear either: Ina Teuthenberg, Evelyn Stevens and Ellen Van Dijk confidently walked in its composition and regularly won. Girls, unlike boys, found a sponsor —Specialized, and then they also sheltered a star racer (Lisa Brennauer). And “things continued.”
Today the team exists under the name Canyon-SRAM, in which racers like Katarzyna Nevyadoma continue to delight both sponsors and fans.

Is it profitable to bet on this sport?

If you make a careful analysis you will definitely earn some money from gambling on this sport. Gamble wisely and good luck.