Is betting on cycling popular?

Cycling has won spectator recognition in some Western European states. Contention attracts many spectators. Bookmakers give broad lines on cycling, but during the competition, betting limits reach maximum values.
The first official tournament was held in France in 1868, and 15 years later the competition was created in Russia. Cycling has been included in Olympic Games since 1896. Most prestigious tournament is called Tour de France.

What are two major types of cycling?

This sport is divided into two huge areas :

  1. Road cycling.
  2. Cycling track (track racing).

Road racing is an activity made for streets. Participants cover big intervals per one race. In this sport, you can enjoy ten-kilometer individually timed cycling races, and two hundred-kilometer races for several days. Since the route is huge (200 km or more!), Athletes pass on wide and narrow roads, problem areas of the city, on highways, on mountainous and flat terrain. They fully “open up” as experienced cyclists, showing their success to the fans.
Cycle tracks are held on closed tracks – velodromes. The racecourse is circular inside and has the shape of a circle. The length of one circle ranges from 150-500 meters.

Peculiarities of cycling betting

It should be borne in mind that bets in this sport have their own nuances, positive and negative. Extensive media coverage. On the Internet you can find all the statistics, forecasts for certain competitions, reviews and opinions of top experts.
Predictability. There is a narrow circle of leaders, (especially for multi-day races), which offer low wagers to win (up to 7-8). With a high degree of probability, one of them will win, although it happens that beginners also win the race.
Video broadcasts. Most of the prestigious competitions can be watched live on dedicated channels. Also, many bookmakers show live streams.
Of the minuses, it is worth noting a small number of side bets, often quotes for equivalent events in cycling have lower odds than in more popular sports such as football or hockey. Relatively the same football events throughout season are times less.

Features of betting

This activity consists of various kinds , most well-known of which are track and road cycling. These are 2totaly opposite versions, each of them needs its own way of betting, which is important to comprehend. Road racing is a street activity that can be called marathon, as athletes cover great lengths per ride.
Bookmakers accept bets on road and track cycling, as well as on the most popular mountain bike events. Disciplines other than these in this sport are pretty seldom.
It is vital to know: road type is not a single, but collective type of competition, and even prominent riders have a hard time winning without skilled helpers. Powerful athletes often work in best interests of team, sacrificing their triumph for victory of leader, accompanying him on tough stretches. Therefore, you should take into account not only potential of cyclist you plan to bet on, but also the capabilities of his team.

Types of bets on cycling

  • Race Winner – rates on athletes to win the competition. When making such bets, it is important to remember that there are one-track one-day races and multi-day races – they include several stages.
  • Winning a stage – it is necessary to determine the cyclist who will become the winner of the specified stage of the race.
  • Prize places – it is necessary to predict which of the race participants will take places from the first to the third.
  • Getting to the top – the opportunity to bet on the cyclist’s finish in the top 5, top 7, top 10, top 20 . Different bookmakers offer different markets.
  • Who is higher – you need to choose from a pair of race participants, one who will take the higher place in the final table.

Sometimes additional markets can be found in murals. For example, Tour de France status competition offers rates on the best sprinter, mountain racer and young racer.

How to place a bet in cycling?

Over the decades of the development of competitions in betting, many various financial strategies have been created that increase the likelihood of luck. But there is no one hundred percent guarantee of success. It is very important when gambling on cycling to pay attention to the rating and statistics of athlete you are interested in. It is necessary to track previous results of the participants of the race. It also would benefit to read the conclusions from recognized experts in cycling, to estimate which options for the outcome of the competition are most likely. Be sure to pay attention to the expected weather. Even a little rain can radically change the situation on the track.
Beginners are advised to bet on at least 8 favorites, of which the main priority is on three favorites. They should be riders with a lot of experience and personal achievements. But pay attention to the age of the recognized master. With age, an athlete’s endurance decreases, and the older he is, the faster. Also, to increase the chances of success for a beginner, you can search for information on specialized sites and forums. Perseverance and mathematical analysis skills will be an added bonus. It is better to use proven methods first, only after gaining some expertise can you start experimenting.
Cycling races are suitable for medium to long term enrichment. It is not easy as a beginner to get rich quickly from this sport. It will take a lot of counting and a lot of thinking. All in all, internet gambling is promising and can generate significant profits.
The most profitable, in terms of winnings, will be the bets held before the start of the race. They certainly require a more detailed analysis of statistics, but they bring maximum benefits.
Having studied the statistical indicators of cyclists and carefully observing the competitions of cyclists, it is possible to profitably make a strategic gamble by correctly identifying the possible favorite and winners of each separate stage of the cycling grand prix.