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83 skills open:
8bseat on side bwd
8cseat on side bwd - c
10cstomach on seat bwd - 8
11cchin on seat - c
11dchin on seat - 8
12bchin on seat bwd
12cchin on seat bwd - c
12dchin on seat bwd - 8
13i1ft crossed - 8
14d1ft ext bwd
14e1ft ext bwd - c
14f1ft ext bwd - 8
15d1ft seat in front - 8
15f1ft ext, seat in front against body - c
16a1ft seat in front against body bwd
16c1ft seat in front bwd - c
17aseat on side, 1ft, seat against body
17bseat on side, 1ft
17cseat on side, 1ft - c
17dseat on side, 1ft - 8
18aseat on side, 1ft bwd, seat against body
18bseat on side, 1ft bwd
18cseat on side, 1ft bwd - c
19bside saddle, hand touching seat - c
19dside saddle frh - c
19eside saddle frh - 8
22bww frame between feet - c
23bww frame between feet bwd - c
27cww bwd 1ft ext
27dww bwd 1ft ext - c
30bgliding bwd foot behind frame - c
31chand ww feet out
31dhand ww feet out - c
32bone hand ww - c
32cone hand ww feet out
32done hand ww feet out - c
33bhand ww, stomach on seat - c
34bone hand ww, stomach on seat - c
37cdrag seat in front bwd - 8
39ccoasting, leg ext - 8
40ccoasting, foot in - 8
41bcoasting backward, leg ext - c
41ccoasting backward, leg ext - 8
42bcoasting backward, foot in - c
42ccoasting backward, foot in - 8
45across over
45ccross over - 8
48bstand up coast - c
48cstand up coast - 8
113choptwist 360º
113fhoptwist frh 360º
114briding hoptwist 360º
114criding hoptwist frh 180º
118bhoptwist on wheel 180º
121ariding spin
122abwd riding spin
125aspin seat in front, seat against body
130apirouette seat in front, against body
130bpirouette seat in front
131apirouette seat in back, against body
131bpirouette seat in back
159bpick up seat in front with toe
159cpick up seat in front free foot
161fpedals 450º to sideways ww
163apedals to hopping on wheel frh
164ahopping on wheel frh to pedals
169c540º uni spin
169j540º uni spin to idling 1ft
169l360º uni spin to idling 1ft seat in front
170c180º uni spin to ww 1ft
171b360º uni spin to hopping on wheel frh
172b360º uni spin on wheel
203cside mount leg around twice
204cside mount reverse leg around twice
205fjump mount from on wheel
206bfree side jump mount
206eside jump mount to ww 1ft ext
206f180º uni spin side jump mount
207bspin mount 720º
210aswing up mount
211apush up mount