The IUF unicycle levels The IUF unicycle levels
used abbreviations:
IUF = International Unicycling Federation
m = meter
cm = centimeter
Ø = diameter
< = smaller than
º = degrees
½ = half
NKS = New Kewl System

These achievement skill levels have been complied from years of research and surveys among unicyclists from all over the world. They are intended to encourage unicyclists to progress at an even pace over a wide variety of unicycling skills. These levels are not connected to the competition rules, other than in descriptions of how the skills are to be performed. Skill levels are useful for helping riders determine a sequence of skills to learn, and to give them ideas for things to try.

In order to be eligible to achieve a level a rider must have passed all previous levels.

Riders must get into and out of all skills
All riding skills start with the rider riding forward, seated with both feet on the pedals except for side ride (level 10). All skills end with rider riding forward at least 3 full revolutions of the wheel, seated with both feet on the pedals.

Maximum of three mistakes per level
In order to pass an exam a rider must perform all skills in that level at the first attempt, except for a maximum of three skills that must be performed at the second attempt. This allows for three mistakes per level, but no more than one mistake per skill.

Explanation of Skills
The correct execution of the skills is described in Standard Skill Descriptions, section 7.2 in the IUF Regulations For International Competition.

Variety of Mounts
At each level starting from level 3, riders must add one new mount to those they have previously demonstrated. Repeating the same mount with the opposite foot does not constitute a different type of mount. A listing of some of the known mounts can be found in the Standard Skill Descriptions, section 7.2 in the IUF Regulations For International Competition.

Recognition of Level Achievement
To formally achieve a skill level a rider must pass a skill level exam with an authorized examiner. Examiners are authorized by the IUF, the USA or other connected unicycling organizations. If no authorized examiner is available, riders can send a video tape, with no edits per level, to an authorized examiner in their country, or to the IUF Skill Levels and Rules Committee. Videos must clearly show all the necessary details of each skill.

The IUF unicycle levels

Level 1