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Leo Vandewoestijne wrote:
• sit straight up (hips forward, straighten back), but not too straight up (just like walking you have to lean into the direction you want to go -most likely forward for now!-).
Leo Vandewoestijne wrote:
• look forward (since your 'balance-instrument' is between your ears, and will work better in horizontal position).
Leo Vandewoestijne wrote:
• sit with your whole weight on the seat, and as few as possible on your pedals!
Leo Vandewoestijne wrote:
• do not sit to low (sitting on you uni, you should be able to reach the lower pedal with a streched leg).
Leo Vandewoestijne wrote:
• Do not hold the seat while riding.
Joey Kozlowski wrote:
• When first learning to ride don't stop pedaling with your cranks vertical.Try to dismount with the crankcs horizontal.
Raj Dhuwalia wrote:
• Practice on level ground next to a long fence or handrail to work on front-back balance and pedal control.

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