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1ftone foot. Can also be part of a combined abbreviation i.e. ww1ft
8figure eight
>bigger than
<smaller than
AUSAustralian Unicycle Society
BCBC wheel: Before Christ
BUCBritish Unicycle Convention
BDRBund Deutscher Radfahrer
bunibig unicycle, long distance unicycle
DMDM unicycles (discontinued unicycle brand made by David Mariner)
EDBExternal Disc Brake
ERDEffective Rim Diameter
FLUCKFakse Laden UniCycle Klub (also the name of their conventions)
funifreestyle unicycle
GilbyKevin Gilbertson, webmaster
gunigeared unicycle
IOCInternational Olympic Commitee
IOUIdiots on Unicycles
IUFInternational Unicycling Federation
JCJust Conversation; a chit-chat forum on
JUAJapan Unicycling Association
K1Koxx One
KHKris Holm, also KH24 = 24 inch Kris Holm, etc.
KHUKris Holm Unicycles
LBSlocal bike shop
MBCMountain BC (see BC)
munimountain unicycle
MUWMountain UW (see UW)
N36Nimbus 36" unicycle
NAUCCNorth American Unicycle Convention and Competition
NKSnew kewl system
NUTSNorthern Unicycle Trials Sessions
OOWOn One Wheel; Unicycle magazine printed by the USA
OUIOttawa Unicycle Invasion
RSURec.Sport.Unicycling; a newsgroup best available trough
RTUCRedford Township Unicycle Club
SIBseat in back
SIFseat in front
SIseat in
SESVSchweizer Einrad-Sport Verband
SWUMSouth West Uni Meet
TJATechnical Judging Area
tunitrails unicycle
TCUCTwin Cities Unicycle Club
UCIUnion Cyclisme International
UDCunicycle dot com
UPDunplanned dismount
UNICONUNIcycle CONvention
UNINATSUNIcycle NATionalS (Australia), check the AUS website.
USAUnicycling Society of America
UUUUnion of UK Unicyclists
UWultimate wheel
WWwheel walk, also can appear as ww1ft (see 1ft).
WOWWood One Wheelers (unicycle-club)
XCcross country; particular version of the KH MUni