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I (Leo) have initiated this website because in my opinion there was too much nonsense and useless information about unicycling in cyberspace. But soon after I started sites like unicyclopedia.org unicycletricks.com came (and went). This place, unicyclist.org, is ment to stimulate, teach and promote unicycling. Not an unique purpose, but this digital project is focussed on creating an easy accessable and complete video archive. You can read my first post here.


This website is using the 5 most common plug-ins:

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14 Aug 2020 There are 3277 selected movies (together 7 Gb and 549 Mb)
26 jul 2010 Converting video to Ogg Video and MP4 (especially for iPod/iPhone/iPad)
01 jul 2010 Converting from XHTML strict to HTML 5
30 oct 2005 All video's in flash (.swf) will be replaced by FLV.
01 aug 2005 The website is now being mirrored. If one webserver goes down, the other will keep it up.

Planned Maintenance

updating the standart skill list, as it's outdated so bad information.

Known Problems

- www2 can't SOAP with google, and so the site-search is broken.
- Opera on OS-X can't handle the used quicktime embedding code
- javascript on 2/3 en 1/3 of standard.cfm works in Safari wrong on Apple OS-X

- ns 4.7 on mac os 7 can't suddenly do css?
- real embedding xhtml invalid
- windowsmedia embedding xhtml invalid
- quicktime embedding xhtml invalid
- flash embedding xhtml invalid
- flash preloader-bar does not work correctly
- degree character in longdesc standard is incorrect
- MSIE needs P3P for paypal cookie
- MAC + Safari & MSIE can't deal correctly with valid xhtml flash embedding

Todo list

high priority
- javascript on 2/3 en 1/3 of standard.cfm
- auto-multiply of movies with w < 210 in all different levels
- page 2 of standard.pdf

low priority
- expand display of google search-results.
- cut out all <table>'s (4)
- fix the radio Bergeijk episode
- check rss/atom feeds
- accessibility policy disclaimer

Table of Contents

The Unicycle Blog, homepage of this site.
The IUF unicycle levels.
The IUF standard skills.
All kind of other unicycle tricks.
Unicycle performances by artists and competitors.
Unicycle world records.
Riding a unicycle on ice.
Other unicycle appearances.
Non unicycle movies like juggling, fire-tricks, bicycling, BMX, motorcycling,
skateboarding, cascadeurs, figure skating, and computer movies.
Submit your unicycle movies and pictures.
Frequently asked questions.
About this website.
Contact mailform.


Leo Vandewoestijne, The Netherlands


Apo Abrahams (The Netherlands), Yuri Abrahams (The Netherlands), Arno de Kock (The Netherlands), Lex Lissauer (The Netherlands), Peter (The Netherlands) Linda Putkonen (Finland), Amir Tzur (Israel), Leo Vandewoestijne (The Netherlands), and many others.

Apo Abrahams (The Netherlands), Arno de Kock (The Netherlands), Leo Vandewoestijne (The Netherlands), and many others.

Andrew Carter (Australia), Andy Cotter (USA), Brian Lundgren, Dan Heaton, Dana Schneider (USA), David Holder (UK), Duo Scaccapensirie (Swiss), Dustin Kelm (USA), Ernest Montego, Esther Nuyten (The Netherlands), Evan Byrne (USA), Fux Xiuvu, Hannah Kreisz (Germany), Yuri Chavro (Ukraine), Jacinto, Jonathan S. Miersma (USA), Julien Monney (Swiss), Keaton Miller, Kris Holm (Canada), Linda Putkonen (Finland), Leapn' Louie (New Zealand), Leo Vandewoestijne (The Netherlands), Marty LeGray (The Netherlands / USA), Mika Hakinnen (Finland), Nancy Huey, Olga & Vova Galchenko (USA), PinkMan (USA), Shaun Johanneson, Spencer Hochberg (USA), Teresa & Sem Abrahams (USA), Soraya Smith (The Netherlands), The Spice Boys (The Netherlands), Thomas (Swiss), Tomas Aelterman (Belgium), Trevor Blackwell (USA), Trevor Schofield (UK), Troupe Faltyny (Czech Republic), Yuri Abrahams (The Netherlands), and many others!

Varda, Finland

Alison Greatz, Jason Greatz, and 2 others at Holiday on Ice.