Smile for Google - Part 2 Smile for Google - Part 2
Smile for Google - Part 2
unicycle on Google Street ViewRemember my post where I anounced to be(come) the 1st unicyclist on Google StreetView...?

Well, here it is! (yay!)

It was soo funny: I spotted the car right after I looked up from my phone's screen, while using the Google maps to navigate to my destignation!

The stitching of the pictures however is a bit odd. Cause if you use the arrow (to browse), you'll see it was token from two sessions. So I suddenly dissapear, and come back.
Written by Leo Vandewoestijne on
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Flaviu contributed:
Nice :)
...but why do you ride against the cars' direction? :-p
Leo Vandewoestijne contributed:
Before a recent change in law it was the mandatory side of the road for pedestrians (and so unicyclists).
After the change we are allowed to do both, up to own discretion.
unimandan contributed:
that is soooooo cool i wish i couled be on google street view but i gues i will have to stick to youtube :(

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