proffersor Sharp is sharp proffersor Sharp is sharp
proffersor Sharp is sharp
This article of the BBC is spreading some nonsense on behalf of a Surrey based professor named Sharp. A quote like "Inevitably when you start to ride a unicycle you're going to fall off quite a lot". make me wonder why that is inevitable; I've teached people to unicycle more than once without falling, and twice even without a UPD!!! Further 72 is not too late to start.

However.., he comes up with a clever and very interresting improvement for an autonomous unicycle, using a spinal, like humans use their body mass to relocate their mass.
Yes, I'm looking forward to see that done in bidirectional servo's; pushing/pulling rubber-band 'muscles' around 360 degree hinge. Although real muscles work the opposit, it could simulate the human back.
Written by Leo Vandewoestijne on
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