Orchid Lurker Orchid Lurker
Orchid Lurker
BMX shoe - Orchid - Lurker BMX shoes - Orchid - Lurker After a long time I bought new shoes, at the BMX store 'soulcycle' in Amsterdam. It's the Orchid Lurker.
The brand Orchid was made by a BMX rider named Derek Adams, the same guy who's behind the famous BMX and skate brand "Little Devil". These shoes were designed with the goal of providing quality footwear that meets the needs of BMXers.
They have:
- a stiff sole at the outsides of the back and middle
    (ideal for dragseat or cranckidle where bendable soles would make your feet tired and hurt quickly)
- is bendable at the toes
    (think about koosh-koosh)
- a flexible sole at all areas used for scuffing*
    (in other words: excellent for wheel-walk and glide)
- more suspension at the heel
    (Think about all your dismounts when learning side-ride on a 7' unicycle!)
- replaceable innersoles
    (so you optional can replace them yourself by medical soles or extra suspension when desired)
- a profile made for good grip on pinned pedals
    (also perfect at non-pinned pedals)
- the black soles on some of their models do not leave marks on sporthall floors

In the US Orchid is distributed by TransAm BMX. And the website of the distributor in NL says: "Unlike most shoe companies Orchid's focus is on BMX first and foremost, and Orchid has no plans of sponsoring any other sports."... but I do wonder what their thoughts on unicycling will be like!

* this is BMX slang. Use your imagination or else your favorite search-engine.
Written by Leo Vandewoestijne on
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Nils contributed:
Do you think these shoes are durable enough for gliding? At the moment I use Converse All-star, but these are not padded and some skills (like seat drop) hurt.
Leo Vandewoestijne contributed:
Well for gliding most of all your technique is of importance. As I've mastered coasting you are unable to spot any traces of gliding that I did do with them. But if someone is the process of learning how to glide I'm sure they wont survive forever. But I expect longer than the converse all-star. I dont know how good your skills are, but in case you are in the process of improving your glide I would suggest just any cheap shoe with an OK profile.

Also very important is the combination of rubber of your tire, and rubber of your shoe is an important factor. Orchid also make a model named Disciple which has the same sole but than in gum rubber.

Seat drop will always be painfull when doing it intensively, (especially when you you -like I do- a semcycle-pro which frame-parts are flat!). But on this shoe, the part where the frame meets the shoe has a double layer of suede (and of course the inside nylon layer). So for both skills I would recommend it.

But now after using them for a while one thing I do hate is that the sole is a bit wide for my feet. I guess it's a skate thing: it's important to be cool. One other shoe I would like to point to is Duffs' model Gambler. Though it doesnt have the BMX specific characteristics the Orchid has, I think it would still be a nice unicycle shoe.

Also have a look at Etnies , especially models Rooftop3 and Terranea, which are the signature shoes of two famous BMX riders; Mike Escamilla and Ruben Alcantara. But also have a look at their other models.
Nils contributed:
Thank you for the extensive reply, I was unsure you would notice my question at all :)

I can glide pretty well and enjoy doing it down steep hills, so I need to brake hard. My issue is that these shoes have a hefty price-tag, and if they wear out quickly I don't want to waste money.

As for the tire, I'll be trying out The Wall, once municycle.com get a re-stock of the red variant..

I'll have to see first if I can find these shoes in Sweden. Also, I hope to meet you at Fakse convention (http://www.fluck.dk) in Denmark this summer, if you are going! It's a MUni and Trials convention, but even though I'm into freestyle it looks great so I'll be going there.

Leo Vandewoestijne contributed:
In deed the price of all mentioned shoe's is not the cheapest. Actually I never spend so much on shoes.
I used the Primo the Wall tire before it ever was exported to Europe. In early 1999 Dustin Kelm and I were the only unicyclists using it. Today it still is my favourite. Your desired color/size must be still in stock at Semcycle NL, who'd became the 1st unicycle company who is allowed to sell them.

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