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FLV chart Since this weekend I have a copy of Studio 8 of Macromedia. So finaly tools to generate FlashVideo. The past (and probably the next) 26 hours my PC was working on full speed to generate over 1000 video's from their original sources.
- the quality of this video of a spin with this FlashVideo of a spin
- the filesize of this video of dreagset bw with this FlashVideo of dreagset bw
- the quality, filesize and sound of this video of a salto dismount with this FlashVideo of a salto dismount
All the Flash content will be replaced by FlashVideo, with as concequence the Flash 8 plugin becomes required and once I finished that I will make all pages as backward compatible as possible. A major improvement of the overall quality.
Written by Leo Vandewoestijne on
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Cliff contributed:
I noticed no one has ever commented on your blog so here i go
I think the new flash will make a great addition to your webpage.

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