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Since long a lot of unicyclist are anoyed by the large amount of nonsense in
I appreciate all the energy, time and knowledge that Gilby is spending for the unicycle community, but since the start of it turn out even worse.
Currently there are about 1,962 kinds of posters; those who know it all, and those who know how to ride.
(still I consider as one of the most usefull resources).

A lot of unicyclists call themself computer-specialist or webdeveloper. In general unicyclist are creative. Only few used the advantages of the net to benifit other riders. On any geocity unicycle corner you can read the 10 levels, but nowhere some decent explaination of the names of the tricks or clear examples. Or video examples. Why did no organization or nobody else ever wrote a complete as possible website with plain usefull info? In the early days of usenet and internet there was a remarkable large amount of unicycle and juggling publishers. Today that makes it today even more remarkable why nobody has chosen to publish a weblog about unicycling. I've decided to start one with as motto:
"Less conversation, more riding". It is ment to stimulate, teach and promote unicycling.
With as final purpose: switch of your computer, shut up, and start riding.

I've been reading the weblog of former M-tv VJ Adam Curry (who'd lived around the block) since the very first start. Later he had a company acinoreV calling that webspace "meetingpoints". That was even before RSS, RDF and Atom feed made it possible to read blogs in a very time-saving way. With blog-readers you can subscribe to blogs, syndicate them, and don't miss any update. During the years that I've been reading his Blog, I was often amazed how much information he published, and how few secrets he has. Multiple times when he was atacked by negative publishity he striked back on his blog. He uncovered a lot of dirty stuff with it. He called that: "The power of the blog". Blogs make usefull information going both directions. As it flows in unexpected directions, it also brings usefull information from poeple you don't expect. The press start to use it as recourse AND as media as well. Ministers and politicians started to blog. During the years blogs turned out to be very usefull in several ways. As well for learning, or to discuss.

And so my plan is to discuss daily what would be usefull hints on learning a certain trick. I've invited top unicyclists to contribute their thoughts on learning tricks and to write on the blog as well. Kris Holm responded enthousiast on his invitation. Hopefully he will write/record a lot of basic and advanced tricks in Muni. Teresa and Sem Abrahams are in as well. Both Teresa and Sem were worldchampion and have worldrecords and are proffesional unicyclist for years.
Although you may find advertisements in the future, and (in the worst case) this site may become a pay site, it is not my intention to make any profit on it.

I wrote a couple of scripts that glue multiple Gb's of unicycle files; at start allready over 1100 movies.
The whole setup is designed to expand unlimited. Let's state clear that the website is ment to broadband users. The whole thing is written entirely by myself, starting from scratch. That's including the Blog software with RDF, RSS, and Atom feeds, the dynamic PDF, all html, smil, qtl, asf, javascripts, coldfusion, ANSI C, python, perl, sql and who knows what languages I forget. Most time I have spend on making a validator of standard routines for competition: It generates a pdf with the extended description of your chosen competition skills.

Because of the upcoming NAUCC and UNICON I opened the weblog and website right now, so now finaly you can use it for improving your skills. Good luck with it, and please behave: if this space turn out to be a playground mess I close it with the same enthousiasm I made it.
Written by Leo Vandewoestijne on
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Jordan COhen contributed:
hi i am a kid in year 8 in a sudney school and i want to buy a good quality unicycle... Where should i buy one ??

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